0 DIGITAL ART – Gardenscapes Fan Art

A drawing of Austin I did for the Gardenscapes fan art competition.
(For those who don't know: Gardenscapes is a free match-3 mobile game
including a garden construction)

In this alternate reality Austin owns a cat instead of a dog.
(It's not that I don't like the dog. He's actually quite cute, but I'm just more a cat person ;D).

Here is the sketch and a WIP picture showing the coloring process.
I actually made a time lapse video of this painting as well,
but I'll be giving the link exclusively to Comic Con Germany
customers in Stuttgart next week.
So come by and fetch your code! :)

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0 DIGITAL ART – Scorpio Dagger Concept Design

A scorpio dagger design (and new portfolio piece) I've been working on for quite some time now.

While it’s causing an extremely high amount of damage,
the dagger also injures the bearer in doing so. It has to be treated with caution.
With great power comes great responsibility.

The first thing I did was drawing all those tiny silhouettes in order to get a clearly readable shape.
I mainly focused on a general dagger form combined with the aesthetics of a scorpio. 

After that I tried to get a better understanding of the actual application and drew examples of holding the dagger and also some other weapon variations.

When I finally picked my favorite silhouettes, I created some rough sketches which were the base for the following line drawings and my final value painting.

I also did some material studies / spheres of leather, stone and metal (steel / iron)

Finally, I created several different color schemes. Which one do you prefer?

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This is a animation short movie project I realized this semester at a Workshop at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg together with a lovely team of people.
The program we used to create the assets is called Tilt Brush – a software which makes it possible to paint in a VR space using the HTC VIVE and Oculus Rift. In the end, we put everything together in Unity.

The assignment was to create a movie during one week based on the sound file we were given (we changed it slightly).

It was definitely an awesome experience. One can't draw that precisly, but I think there are great improvements yet to come for this technique. Creating one's own reality can now be taken literally.

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2 MIXED MEDIA ART - Lara Portrait

No. 25  of 1000 Character Portraits :)

Firstly, I sketched this portrait traditionally with my mechanical HB pencil, but then I took a different experimental approach and overpainted the whole thing digitally.

I named her after my favorite and fierce childhood heroine Lara Croft :D.

Finally, here you have some more studies I did for my portrait project:

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0 DIGITAL ART - Nathan Drake Portrait (Uncharted)

Another portrait (No. 2) from my 1000-Character-Portraits Challenge. 

— Nathan Drake from Uncharted —

Here are some thumbnail sketches I did beforehand,...

.. the lines in detail...

... the black and white version..

... and also a traditional sketch from my DIN A4 sketchbook:

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