Secret Santa & Annual review

Christmas time is almost over, but I finally finished my drawing for Secret Santa. :'D

It shows Perona from One Piece.
I didn't watch the episodes with her yet... well, I hope I won't be disappointed when the time comes, because when I draw a figure, which I don't know from the Anime/Manga, I always create my own image of it in my head, which is often pretty different to the real character.. :'D

Annual review:
The year draws to a close. So, I thought it's time to look back on my artistic creations :D
(Click for full view)

As you can see, I mainly painted a lot of Fanarts in the first half of the year. On the other hand, the second half was determinated by original paintings, which should transport certain messages.

Have a nice day! :)

Greetings, Sandra

Demon Lord Beelzemon

I just watched the third season of Digimon (Tamers) again and I totally felt in love with Beelzemon :'D
In my opinion, he has the most beautiful character design of all Digimon <3

I've drawn it with pastels on DIN A2, therefore I have a little picture here, which is supposed to help you imagine the real size :) 

I always had a crush on the bad guys :'D. Well *cough*..., maybe that's the influence of my evil personality ~

Ah yeah.. nostalgia... Remembering my childhood, I wish everything could be just like it was once.
Nowadays, you experience the same shit every day...

But: Mou man tai! :D

Every little sketch ~

~ is a big step towards success.
Since some of you asked me via mail to post more sketches, I decided to start this today.
Here we go:

From imagination.

 So, did you recognize the woman in the sketches above? It's Alice from Resident Evil 1 and 4 :D

Mou man tai! :D

The Joker

I've drawn this portrait as a present for a really good friend. She has birthday today and I recommend reading her beautiful blog. :)

The Joker is one of her favorite movie characters and Heath Ledger one of her favorite actors, which also applies to me :'D. I thought it would be a nice idea to paint her instead of the joker on the card he is holding.

I hope you like it, here is the WIP:

“I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”
(Albert Einstein) 

First 3D-modeling attempts

Yeah! I just got Zbrush - a really nice 3D program.

Those are my first modeling attempts. I created both models from imagination, although the second one is supposed to be Balthier from Final Fantasy XII (But I didn't use any references). I didn't model his face, it looks like crap, I know :'D.

The interface is pretty complicated for me. But I'm still, as you can see, a layman, who doesn't know soooo much about this topic. (Not to say nothing XD)

I hope, I will improve my 3D skills in the future. It's a pretty interesting area. :)
Furthermore, I would be very glad about every tip/advice for working with zbrush and modeling to make it look better :'D

Polymer Clay & Improvement

Yey! The first time that I used FIMO, a kind of polymer clay. :D
It makes soooo damn much fun and the result speaks for itself ;D

Even I, as layman in terms of working with polymer clay, was able to produce some nice earrings and rings :)

The result:
- 2 pokeball-earrings
- 2 earrings with my own pattern
- 2 hamburger-earrings
- 1 Linkin-Park-ring
- 1 skull-ring
- 1 ring with my own pattern

Yeah, I drew an old picture from me again :)

First drawing: From 2008; I didn't really have an idea about what I actually wanted to draw. I just practised the male face, I guess.

Second drawing: From 2010: Lol, I clearly remember, that I was absolutely proud of this piece and now I see it and the only thing I can do is laughing XD.

Third drawing: From this year - 2011: One year has passed and I would say, that I improved pretty well. :) But surely I still have to learn a lot (not only in terms of face drawing :'D).

Note: they are just quick sketches about 1 hour or so. ;D

I'm curious how it will look like 2012 :'D.

Real or fiction?

Tired. Exhausted. Stressed out. But there is always time for art ;D

I've drawn this piece for the art lesson of my school. I hope it's abstract enough, well.. I don't like this stuff anyway X( The WIP:

And you know what? My wonderful cousine just celebrated her birthday and I've drawn a portrait for her as present :).

Additionally, here is a video clip about the drawing process:

Yeah, I'm playing Final Fantasy XII right now and I'm really going to become addicted to this damn beautiful game :3.

I won't be able to draw so much in the near future, so please be patient with me ;)

Cya :)

Blog Birthday & Gewinnspiel

Heute vor genau 1 Jahr habe ich diesen Blog ins Leben gerufen und da ich ihn damals nur in Deutsch verfasst habe, werde ich heute den Eintrag auch deutsch starten. (Englisch folgt) :)

Zwölf Monate ist mein Blog nun schon online, doch ohne euch Kommentatoren, Freunde und Unterstützer wäre ich nie so weit gekommen. :) Deshalb habe ich mich dafür entschieden, ein Gewinnspiel zu veranstalten! (Inspiriert wurde ich dabei von meiner wundervollen Cousine <3).

~° Gewinnspiel °~

Die Preise:

1. Hauptpreis:
- 1ter Band von Naruto
- 2ter Band von Naruto
- 6 Naruto-Sammelkarten
- 1 Portrait nach Wahl (hochwertiger Ausdruck)
- 1 hochwertiger Ausdruck einer meiner Bilder (DIN A4)
- 1 Skizze nach Wahl

2. Hauptpreis:
- 1ter Band von One Piece
- 1ter Band von Cheeky Vampire
- 1 One Piece (Ruffy) Schlüsselanhänger
- 1 pinke Armstulpe (für Cosplay)
- 1 Portrait nach Wahl (hochwertiger Ausdruck)
- 1 hochwertiger Ausdruck einer meiner Bilder (DIN A4)
- 1 Skizze nach Wahl


3. Nebenpreis:
- 1 Portrait nach Wahl (hochwertiger Ausdruck)
- 1 hochwertiger Ausdruck einer meiner Bilder (DIN A4)

Was du dafür tun musst/Ablauf:
1. Schreibe einen Artikel/Beitrag zu mir und meinem Blog auf deinem eigenen Blog, deiner eigenen Website oder deinem eigenen deviantART journal!
  • der Eintrag sollte eine angemessene Länge haben  (nicht nur 1 Satz, aber auch nicht ewig lang)
  • jeder kann teilnehmen (keine Altersgrenzen), der in Deutschland, der Schweiz oder in Österreich wohnt (da Versand sonst zu teuer :/)
  • du kannst eine Zusammenfassung über meinen Blog, eine Bewertung zu einem meiner Bilder, eine ausgedachte Geschichte zu einem meiner Bilder oder was auch immer dir einfallen mag, schreiben (solange es zum Thema passt).
  • keine Barauszahlung des Gewinns und der Rechtsweg ist ausgeschlossen

2. Verlinke deinen Beitrag zurück auf meinen Blog und poste den Link zu deinem Beitrag unter diesem Blogeintrag als Kommentar oder schicke ihn mir via E-Mail an
  • Einsendeschluss ist dabei der 10.12.2011!
  • du solltest dabei ebenfalls schon angeben, was du genau haben möchtest, wenn du gewinnen würdest (siehe Preise -> Welches Portrait? Welcher Ausdruck? Was für eine Skizze?), damit der spätere Versand schneller erfolgen kann

3. Nach Ablauf des Einsendeschlusses werden 3 Gewinner über Los gezogen.
  • die Gewinner werden spätestens bis zum 17.12.2011 über ihr Glück informiert und die Pakete werden kurz danach versandt, damit sie pünktlich zum Weihnachtsfest eintreffen
 Ich hoffe, dass euch die Preise gefallen und viele mitmachen :)


I'm sorry, but this competition is only for people living in Germany, because the shipping costs would be way to expensive otherwise :/.

But enough about the competition! Let's talk about my blog itself :)

Following, I want to show you some nice statistics and things I have collected over the year:

As you can see in this site-view-statistic, my blog wasn't so popular at the beginning, but I guess, now it's pretty much the opposite. I hope, October can be topped in terms of views :'D.

Blogger is a really nice blog hoster, because you can observe pretty many statistics about your own blog :)
A great example is the section where you can see the search words your visitors typed to come to your blog.

Some of them are quite funny, so I don't want to withhold them :'D
  • megatron face - searched 17 times (!)
  • megatron - searched 15 times
  • decepticon megatron - searched 10 times 
  • megatron transformers 3 - searched 7 times (Seems like Megatron is the most famous among the Transformers :'D)
  • segst - searched 5 times (Wtf is that? XD)
  • fucking zombies - searched 2 times (Ahaha, nice one) 
  • zombie ass - searched 2 times (Yes, they are sexy, aren't they? :D)
  • the first time that I - searched 3 times (Didn't know, that I talked about something like that ;D)
  • Hasen Kalender 2012 - searched 2 times (:O)
  • s already a little - searched 2 times (Hm, yes, of course!)
  • ab nächste woche stehen wieder - searched 2 times (What's then? :D)
  • creepy ideas - searched 2 times (O.o)
  • mpwce 2 - searched 1 time (Whatever ~)
  • die wärmflasche sketch - searched 1 time (Exactly :'D)
  • real grenade - searched 1 time (Well, how much do you offer? :D)
  • I love Chester Bennington - searched 1 time (Oh yes, I do!)
  • sandras artbloc - searched 1 time (Dumbass, it's called blog!)
  • how to draw crap - searched 1 time (Well, actually it isn't so difficult!)

Creepy... however O.o, here are some additionally statistics :)

My visitors
Yeah, most people visited my blog from Germany (7.332 visitors) :D
Second place got the USA with 828 visitors the third Austria with 227 visitors and the fourth Russia with 213 visitors
Of course, I got many visitors from other countries (especially those of Europe) as well, but I don't want to bore you with those numbers at this point ;).

Referring websites
All in all I created 47 posts so far (including this one), I got 147 comments/19 followers/34 Facebook-likes and the blog reached over 10,000 visitors. :)

At this point, I want to thank my cousine, known under the pseudonym Shan Dark, because she helped me a lot, she motivated and inspired me every time and she has a really nice blog, which should get more attention! :)

So, I think that's enough for now.
I hope, you liked this little summary and I hope, that you keep looking over my posts ;)
Thank you :)

The Sphere of Life

Suitable for Halloween a beautiful dark picture :D

The picture is for a contest with the theme "contrast/opposite".
I have decided the subtopic "Life & Death" for myself.

The girl in the ball should symbolize life or a special life and the Grim Reaper (who would have thought of it XD) the death.

My idea was:
We should appreciate our life and really live it!
Because life is like a bubble (shown as a ball), which can explode at any time (you or someone loved can die at any time). Therefore, we should appreciate our fellow men and those we love, treat accordingly (otherwise we will regret it if something bad happens to them).
We must open our eyes in order to see what is really important. (Irony: The girl in the picture has closed her eyes).

Other symbols in the picture:
- Lifetime: This is the duration, how long the girl in the picture lives yet (in seconds). My birth date is hidden in it, which again symbolizes the contrast (birthday = life, remaining seconds until "dieing" = death). I got this idea by listening to the song and watching the video of "Savin' Me" by Nickelback.

- The Heartbeat graph in the ball: Back as the symbol for the opposition: ball = life; death = grim reaper)

- Nr.13 (No.13) as an unlucky number and points to the demise (in conjunction with the remaining lifetime)

- Angel wings: Angels are messengers of God, therefore they should be appreciated (here as symbol for the life) and respected.

The WIP:

I guess, the following poem is pretty suitable for this topic:
Appreciate Life
by Janzynn May, Aug. 2, 2008
life is a precious gift not everyone can have,
some can live longer while others die young.
lucky are those who have sight of the world
for some develop blindness and others are born blind.
blessed are those who can spend time with their families
for orphans are deprived to have one and those who live alone.
be sorry to those who are unable to speak
for they cannot say the words they long to be heard.
yet fortunate are those who are able to talk
for they have all the chances to say “I love you” to their loved ones.
gracious are those who have the sense of hearing
for they can listen and sing along to the music that heals their souls.
blest are those with bright schemes and brilliant minds
for they are the ones more favored to walk along the roads of success and prosperity.
but happier are the poor and the average
for they can easily find felicity and contentment with just what they have and with what they can have.
pity to those who are sick and dying
for they are running out of time to pursue and realize their dreams.
blissful are we ’cause we are endowed with life’s best –
our families, friends, food, shelter and wholeness.
so, open your eyes and thank GOD you’re alive.
go around and see the BEAUTY of the world.
follow your DREAMS and realize them.
spare TIME with your loved ones
and grab every chance to say and show how much you LOVE them
before TIME plays with you…
live your life like there is no tomorrow
I hope, u like it :)

Cya <3

Ian Somerhalder - Portrait

Damn.. so many paintings this month O.O.
This time, I really used the dry-brush technique and it took much less time (6 hours) than drawing with pencil or digital. So, I guess, this won't be the last one for october :D

Additionally, here is a little video showing the progress of the painting.
(I couldn't capture the whole progress, because the battery of my camera was empty after some time --". So, I just attached the pictures ;))

I would be glad about any comment/criticism/etc. ;)

Bye :O

Every artist was first an amateur

This quote motivates me every time when I want to give up.
It says: "Keep practising and you will quickly improve your (artistic) skills!". And this is the only true way to become a better artist.

In terms of this matter, I'm going to show you some of my current drawing/painting experiments:

I am currently rediscovering my love for traditional drawing/painting. :'D
This is a portrait of Jonathan Rhys Meyers - an Irish actor - who already played many (hot <3) roles like the king in the series "The Tudors".
Here I tried to use a new technique - the dry-brush-technique. But it turned out a little bit different, as you can see :'D
Duration: 4 hours; Paper: DIN A3 (URSUS); Paint: tempera paints

My work space :'D

Some sketches... (most of them are from the art lesson of my school):

I'm currently working with Cinema 4D and other 3D programs. So, here is my first 3D attempt:

A table.. amazing, eh? :'D

 Finally, here are some pictures, where I got features of myself and my art :D

KONEKO magazine:

Websites (klick):

(I'm so productive this month lol)
 Cya :)

Portrait study & sketches

Despite of all the tests and exams we are going to write next week I had to draw something again :D.

Yeah! It's Megan Fox (Transformers <3) again! I always want to paint the most beautiful (or at least good looking) persons.. and if I do a head study, she is the perfect one for this matter. :D
(I guess, I should start painting "normal" looking people as well lol.... erasing the beauty ideal from my mind xx" ..).

The single steps to the finished painting:

Aaaand.. I did a bunch of other sketches and studies, too, which I don't want to withhold :)

Hope, u like this update :)

Cya & stay SCHIGGY XD

Dragon tamer

On wings of thunder
Honor bound
Search me out, I drum the sound
Twist and turn in the night
Dragon come, my guiding light.
Protector, guardian, friend not foe
Come to me, see my sigil glow.
Strong and true this friendship charm
I beckon thee, keep me from harm.
Around and about your magick swirls
Come to me
Your wings unfurled.

I hope you like my new piece :). It took me about 12 hours.

Dragon obsession *muhahaha* :D

Cya ;)