Changes ~

As you've might seen, I closed my main homepage.I did it because of different reasons, which I'm going to explain for you.

First, it's just too much effort - editing the drawings to three or four versions, the text, linking, HTML..
With this nice "Blogspot" I can upload my pictures easily without getting pissed off, because the webspace isn't working and I'm able to receive comments for my work.
Feedback and good criticism is really important for me to know where I stay, but on my homepage it was difficult, because there was just the guestbook..

So I always needed a lot of time only for the posting - time, which I could have used otherwise...

Furthermore, I'm just an ordinary school kid and now I come in the important years. Therefore, I want to learn as much as possible to get a good completion. Other things like homepage, playing video games and so one have to come later - school is more important.

In general I think, this blog is a good solution to save time, but also still to show my work.
I hope you understand me and please excuse me for my English-writing-attempts :'D

Additionally, I saw, that my blog exceeded the 1000-visitors-border... so here is a "Kiriban" for you :)

With that I want to show you how much I would like to thank you. I really appreciate every feedback and comment. You, my dears, give me always the motivation to continue :)

Have a nice weekend! :)


This time, there are other sketches and experiments.

On the left you can see a head-color-exercise and on the right a still life of my favorite candle.
This stuff is really difficult, so that means: again more practise...

Cya! :)


Woohoo, Holidays!! :D

During the last 2 hours I drew the first "Lineart" for this year. It shows Sasuke Uchiha from my favorite anime series "Naruto", who conjures the Chidori :).

I drew (obviously) in the Chibi style.

Have a nice remaining Sunday! :)