Between paper-piles and Easter candy

My Manga Project makes great progress.
I sit almost all the time just for the story! ~..~

So, because of all the writing (My room is full of paper-piles!! Oo) I couldn't draw so much...
This picture is another, closer concept of Lilith - the main charakter of my Manga :).
I tried to draw it in the style in which the Manga will be painted.

Some thoughts ~

Someone just gave me a great brainwashing.
He reminded me of the most essential thing for an artist:
I draw for myself and not for anyone else!!
I forgot this a little bit, because as an artist I wanted to get a good feedback and so I thought more and more about what I was actually drawing (Do they want to see this?? Is this too creepy/crazy?? And so on...). Well, I don't want to say that art should be brainless, but one is supposed to feel the art.... to create it from the bottom of the heart!

Well, borders are everywhere, but always keep in your mind (even if you paint a commissioned work!):
You are drawing/painting, because you are feeling happy, when you bring your ideas to life and you are doing this only -without any exceptions- for yourself!! No matter how crazy or abstract your idea is - just paint it!

There are so many things, buzzing in my head, that I sometimes think, it will explode, if I don't bring them on paper. Oo
But with this new motivation I'm finally able to do this without any fear.

I hope this is a good help for people, who have/had the same problem (;

Greetings, Sandra

The eyes of the death

GroooooooooOOOOOooooaaAAAAAAaar :O
Here's a new picture haha :'D

This piece took me 18 hours! 18 HOURS!! Can you believe this?! Oo
I'm totally exhausted --"

However, the picture is a fanart about one of my favorite Anime-Mangas, called Death Note. Maybe some of you guys know this :)
Well, you can see Light Yagami (left), Misa Amane (right) and Ryuk (the death god behind them).
I really like the atmosphere, which the drawing has. It's gloomy somehow, but also very mysterious.

I hope, u like it, too :'D

Additionally, here are the WIP (Work in progress) and the lineart :).

*Damdidam... lalalaaa*
That's it for now :'D

Comment? :)

Art is moonlight in the gloomy night of life ~

Well, I'm very busy right now... on the one site with school and on the other site with my own Manga project ~

It's been a while since I have drawn a still life. Anyway, here is it :'D

That's my MP3 Player (Samsung)... yeah I know... it's veeery old --". But it's still working and I love it :'D
And it even has a name XDD "Xell" ... (When I got it, I was (and still am) addicted to Final Fantasy 8 ~)
Did you also name your favorite things?? XD

Here's a small WIP ~

As I told you, I'm currently working on my own Manga Project. Therefore, I'm spending much time for writing the story with the dialogues/monologues and of course for thinking about the characters and drawing them.
So, here is a first little concept for the main character (Lilith).

What else? A yeah! Here are some sketches :'D

 I've drawn the tree in ethics lesson (next to my great friend Cindy :)).

Sooome additional news :P
  •  It's already a little time ago, but I simply forgot it to post XD -->They've chosen my Robert Pattinson Portrait (from 2009) for the portrait of the day (March 13. 2011). I was so glad about this, you can't imagine! And I really have to thank you for all your kind messages 

  • Death Note - Movie!! I ordered this nice piece at Amazon and when it arrived, I was so happy like a four years old child, who gets a new toy XD. It's one of my favorite Anime-Mangas ^^.

I'm sitting here in a boring room *huuum* ...
Ciao :*