Again new stuff! :D
This time I practised blending skin tones. I used a Megan Fox portrait for that exercise.

I'll try to upload pictures more often than before. But because of that, there won't be so much drawings per post anymore.

And here are some steps of my Megan Fox portrait:

 Greetz, Sandra

Practising - The (tiring) way to succeed

Just before my examinations I am not able to draw so much. Or better to say: I have only time for little sketches.
First here is a more laborious sketch:

And now, here are some simple sketches:

Yeah! I overcame my inner bastard (that sounds so cursed XD) and drew hands! XD
Because this is still one of my biggest weaknesses as an artist --".

Ahh, yes! I almost forgot something haha:

Yes - a tree :D. This tree arised on a school table in a german lesson for a good class mate, who wanted to know how to paint it haha :) So, it was very crabbed - but well.. who cares? :D

What else?

Ieyui Nobomenu Renmiri Yojuyogo Hasatekanae Kutamae
(Translated: pray, saviour, dream, child of prayer, forever and ever, bring us peace)

These words aren't going out of my mind anymore. They are the content of the soundtrack by Final Fantasy X (Song of prayer). I'm so addicted to that game right now. I can't think about anything else haha. I guess, I will draw a fanart of it in the near future (well...earliest in the holidays).

Over & out :D

The Lord of Darkness

That's my entry for the TEEN CHALLENGE #118 -"Video game character redesign" on

I have chosen Diabolos from Final Fantasy VIII for this competition, because it was, still is and will be my favorite G.F.(Guardian Force). I drew him as an armor for a human fighter haha :'D

Duration: 10 hours
Tools: PSCS5, Wacom Intuos 4L
Furthermore, here are some WIP's and a different sketch :)

Greetings, Sandra