Portrait commission

Just for preventing questions: I don't take any further commissions right now, because of some competitions, in which I want to take part.

Additionally, here is another selfportrait for my project (this time drawn with pencil) :)

In my opinion, this portrait is way better than the first XD ... anyway.. I'll keep up practising ;D

Ciao :*

Everyone has a dark side..

Yeah, some creepy stuff this time ;D Actually, I tried to paint a selfportrait using a mirror, but as you might see... it turned out a little bit "different".

This is the original portrait:

I guess, I'll do this every day now... you learn so much through it. But I don't think, that I will post it every day.. just the best ones will get a summarized post in the end ;D

Furthermore, here is a little speedpainting. It passed a long time since I painted my last one Oo.
Here I wanted to try out various brushes.

*Sigh* I love such weird things haha. Guess, I am mad lol. Well, who cares?XD

Ciao :)

In the summertime

That's the title of the painting, on which I worked on the last 3 days (24 hours totally xx").
Done with Photoshop CS5 and my Wacom Intuos 4L.

The title is named after the homonymous song from Mungo Jerry :).
In the summertime when the weather is high
you can stretch right out and touch the sky
when the weather's fine you got women you got women on your mind
have a drink have a drive go out and see what you can find....
 Here is the WIP (work in progress):

Some details :)

The picture itself was painted for a special competition with the topic "bathing fun".
I hope u like it :D

Additionally, here is a video with my current favorite movie and song ;)

Ciao :O

Megatron & studies

Here we go again :)

Due to the holidays, which I have right now, I'm able to draw more often. :) This study of Megatron from Transformers (one of my favorite decepticons) took 6 hours and it was very difficult, because of all the little details.

Here are the steps:

Furthermore, here are some face studies:

Cya ;)