Angel of Death - Sculpture


This is a sculpture I made for my art lessons.

I've never created such a thing before, so it was pretty difficult for me >.<
Fortunately, I managed it somehow 'D.

In general, it is based on a wire, which I wraped with paper towels in the first place and plaster bandages in the second. Finally, I over-painted the whole thing, clued feathers on it and sprayed a special polish on it to make it durable.

Additionally, I used an old ragout fin bowl to build the socle.

And yeah.. I didn't form the face on purpose and the skeleton/anatomy is not supposed to be correct since it's more a costume ;D.

The Size:

 I hope you still like it. I would be very pleased about criticism :) 

“The moment you think you understand a great work of art, it's dead for you.” Oscar Wilde

Here's a collage I made of my favorite sketches from the last months:

Cya! :D

Fanart !

 Pokemon Fanart - Chikorita #152

Drawn with watercolor and white ink on DIN A5.

Pokemon Fanart - Growlithe #058 

Tools: Photoshop CS5 and my GT Intuos 4L (Wacom)

Naruto Fanart (Pein/Yahiko)

Drawn with COPIC Ciao Markers and white ink on DIN A4.

Greetings, Sandra