SPECIAL: Blog Birthday & Giveaway

Today, my blog celebrates its second birthday! :D

On a related note I want to thank every single one of you - my dear followers, supporters and critics!
You gave me the required motivation and help to continue this whole project of mine. :)

I seriously don't think that I would have come this far without you!

So, time for a flashback! :D

Some interesting facts:
(in comparison to last year)

  • All in all, I have written about 80 blog posts (27 this year (including this post)) - last year: 47
  • Almost 39,000 people visited my blog - last year: about 10,000
  • My top search keyword was "kissin kate barlow wanted poster" with 118 entries - last year: "megatron face" with 17 entries
  • My fanpage on Facebook received more than 270 Likes - last year: 34 Likes
  • 107 blog post follower - last year: 19 follower
  • Site views by country (Top 3): Germany (ca. 20500 visitors); USA (ca. 5300 visitors); UK (ca. 1400 visitors) - last year: Germany (ca. 7300 visitors); USA (ca. 800 visitors); Austria (ca. 200 visitors)


 As compensation for your great support, I decided to start another giveaway ;).

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 Greetings, Sandra ;D