SPECIAL - Léon - The Professional

Original title:Léon
Year of release:


Directed by:Luc Besson

Screenplay by:

Luc Besson

Running time:

110 minutes


- Jean Reno (Léon Montana)
- Natalie Portman (Mathilda Lando)
- Gary Oldman (Norman Stansfield)
- Danny Aiello (Tony)

Mathilda's family gets killed in cold blood. She is almost put to death as well, when her neighbour and hitman Léon helps her in the very nick of time. The young girl vows bitter vengeance and is able to persuade the melancholic man into helping her in this regard, but the enemy - the corrupt agent Stansfield - spikes their guns ...

Character cards - (colored) pencil on DIN A7 sketching paper (2013).
(from left to right: Stansfield, Léon, Mathilda)

Watercolor/colored pencil on DIN A6 - 2013

I don't remember the exact date I got to know this awesome movie, but I do know that I loved Léon since my early childhood.

The plot and the characters are both very well arranged. It's definitely a rare cinematic masterpiece and if you haven't done it yet: go and watch it ;) !


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  1. Wow sind das tolle Bilder! Echt genial!

  2. Das sind echt tolle Artworks. Mach mehr davon! :D

    1. Danke dir, Ben ^^. Und gern, dauert bloß noch ein Weilchen ;)

  3. Die Zeichnungen sind wirklich sehr gelungen!
    Die Character card von Matilda gefällt mir am besten...