CHALLENGE - Draw this again Challenge [ACTIVE]

Last Update: February 12, 2015
Description: Redrawing old artworks does not only motivate a great deal, it's also a great way to apply newly obtained knowledge and give those old pieces another chance to shine.

► 10 remakes of old drawings and paintings
Progress: 2 / 10

Start: March 29, 2014         Finish: no deadline set

#2 - Agash Vanth

.. to be continued

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DIGITAL ART - The Colours of Magic

Category: Digital Art - Original Art - Painting
Time: ca. 30 hours
Drawing Tools:Photoshop CS5, Wacom Intuos 4L
Reference(s) used ?:none

This artwork was created for a special German art competition, called "Artist of the Year".  
Certain points were predefined: Challenge #1 Topic: Full-body - Person - Movement

It took me so long (almost a month!) to finish this piece, so that I've also beaten my own record in terms of the drawing time 'D.

In preparation for this artwork, I did numerous dynamic sketches and chose to flesh out this pose in particular (left picture). The right picture shows a quick idea sketch on the basis of the chosen pose.

The (scrawly) line drawing ...

.. and some more steps showing the grayscale overpainting.

After I finished the grayscale part, I created this gamut map in order to get my colour scheme.

Finally, a detailed view:

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