SPECIAL - Moleskine Sketchbook #2 [RECAP]

Finally, it is done! I've successfully completed my second Moleskine sketchbook! :)

It took me more than 2 years to finish this sketchbook, since I am also working on other books and projects simultaneously.

55 designed double pages. Dozens of working hours, but also hours of joy and recreation.

In the following, I want to give you a small recap and show you the highlights - or at least the sketches which I consider to be the best of my sketchbook ;)



This is my favorite double page, because it marks a great personal achievement: I've finally managed to draw my favorite Guardian Force adequately to it's powerful appearance.

I also like the way the colours blend into each other. I hope that I will be able to draw something like that without further reference in the future *keeps practising* :)


I remember drawing Freddy during the night of Halloween and I've learned very much about colour-blending and the handling of colored pencils.
The hat is still my favorite part of the picture with its soft gradient on the left.

My second volume is definitely the book of Hannibal - 8 double pages were dedicated to it :'D.
The second double page (excluding the intro) shows the beginning of my obsession at the end of 2011 when I got highly addicted to the Hannibal movies at first.

The picture above however, shows Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) from the identically named and well constructed TV show from 2013 which I started watching immediately at first broadcast (and I got addicted to it as well).

It is my favorite sketch, because I really like the composition with the skulls and the nonchalant handling of the graphite pencil I used.

Game of Thrones Fan Art - Petyr Bealish


Oh Petyr, Petyr, Petyr. I guess, we both went slightly grey while drawing this portrait. :'D

I am truly pleased with the cross-hatching in the face and the whole thing itself as one of my first calculated design attempts.

The Evolution of Dr. Hannibal Lecter


The devil is in the detail, right? Well, the same goes for the depicted character as well as the artwork itself. Although I am not completely satisfied with the outcome of Anthony's and Mad's face, I still like this composition pretty much.
(And yes, it's another Hannibal drawing - deal with it ;D)

Fandoms Doodle


Probably the most detailed work in the book and yet pretty plain in design, but I simply wanted to see my fandoms united <3. Can you identify them all? ;)

Here you can dip directly into the book and its pages:

Only a sketchbook with lots of mistakes is a good sketchbook which will lead you to improvement.

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Here you can see several sketches and studies which I did for my challenges (see the end of the post).

1 hour speed painting study (reference used)

30 min speed painting study (reference used)


movie composition studies (each 10-15 min)

gesture sketches (posemaniacs, each 1 min)

And some sketches from my Moleskine sketchbook:


This was a gift for a good friend of mine.
(Done in Photoshop, ca. 2 hours)


Finally, a small design I've drawn in my Moleskine sketchbook.
It took me about 2,5 hours.



The pictures are part of my Level Up Challenge and Human Body Challenge.

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SKETCH - Petyr Baelish

Category: Traditional Art - Fan Art - Drawing
Time: ca. 5 hours
Drawing Tools:blue ballpoint pen,
colored pencil (Polychromo - hazel)
silver PITT artist pen
Size:Moleskine sketchbook (ca. DIN A5/page)
Reference(s) used ?:yes (for the portrait)

A portrait of Aidan Gillen as Lord Petyr Baelish / Littlefinger from HBO's Game of Thrones.

Yep, I have become a huge fan of this brilliant TV show and I've also started reading the phenomenal books by George R.R. Martin. Therefore, fan arts had to follow eventually ;D

I really like Petyr's sneaky, cunning and yet also obsessive (towards Catelyn) character.

He is one of the few persons who actually know how to play the game of thrones which in conclusion gave him the ability to survive this long in an extremely corrupt and dangerous area such as Westeros.
I hope that he will survive a little longer, though I also know that sooner or later all men must die - valar morghulis. ;)

Mainly, I wanted to practise design and head construction for my quallifying examination.

Additionally, there are only 6 empty double pages left in my Moleskine sketchbook now ;)
Do you have any suggestions for them? :)



The picture is part of my Star Portraits Project and Human Face Challenge challenges.

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