SKETCH - Brush Scribbles - Slenderman Speedpainting

Category: Digital Art - Original/Fan Art - Speedpainting
Time: ca. 3 hours
Drawing Tools:Photoshop CS5

The result of having fun in Photoshop ;)

Today, I wanted to try out different brushes which lead to these very quickly drawn scribbles (5 - 20 min). These were done completely without references. I think, I will do more of them in the future.

Finally, I decided to push the third one a little bit further and ended up with the Slenderman (Slender Fan Art) Speedpainting shown above ;).

The picture is part of my Level Up Challenge.

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DIGITAL ART - F-22 Speedpainting & Studies

Category: Digital Art - Original - Speedpainting
Time: ca. 3.5 hours
Drawing Tools:Photoshop CS5

That's my first aircraft painting. 
(Done for my Sketchbook Squad group on Facebook) :)

Drawn without references.

I also did some sketchbook studies in preparation for this speedpainting:

The picture is part of my Level Up Challenge.

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TRADITIONAL ART - Self-portrait [New FB Avatar]

Category: Traditional Art - Original - Painting/Drawing
Time: ca. 6 hours
Drawing Tools:Watercolor,Watercolor pencils,
Colored pencils (Polychromos),
Gel pens (gold and white),
Size:DIN A3

I wanted to make a new avatar picture for my facebook art page, because I want to develop my drawing style further to realistic fantasy instead of Manga ;).

I started applying the first layer by using watercolor pencils and then I moved on with the actual watercolor and brushes.

In a final step, I added a layer with colored pencils and gel pen details.

The picture is part of my Human Face Challenge.

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TRADITIONAL ART - Yakari - Canvas Commission

Category: Traditional Art - Commission - Painting
Time: ca. 16 hours
Drawing Tools:ARTINA acryl paint 120ml,
ARTINA canvas
Size:Canvas 70 x 80 cm

A commissioned painting of the young Sioux Native American Yakari and his pony friend Little Thunder (from the Franco-Belgian comic book series).

I have never painted on (such a large) canvas before and I am not that experienced with acrylic paint, so it was quite a challenge.

And here you can see me holding the finished canvas (for a better feel for the actual size ;)):

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