Drawing / Sketch (original) | ca. 5 hours | pencils

This way... 
no matter which one it will be or become,...
no matter what my transformation, metamorphosis... will be,
I know, there will be only two options: .. change.. or death -

this "I" will longer exist.. either way.
It's obvious, unstoppable, excruciating, but it's still..
my way.

This sketch was drawn as base for a first offset printing test in university whose intermediate products you can see in one of the pictures below.

Sketches & printing process:

Furthermore, I'd like to print some special versions of this sketch.

Which one(s) do you like the most? :)

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SPECIAL - 5th Blog Birthday

Another year has passed, another great one awaits.

Exactly 5 years ago, I decided to start this blog of mine. Although it underwent several modifications, it has gradually become my personal, artistic and well-loved diary.

In the picture above, you can therefore see some of the artworks I have created during this year.

All of this, however, would not have functioned if it wasn't for you, my dear readers.
Thank you for all your great support and feedback! Thank you for motivating and inspiring me all the while! Thank you for staying patient in difficult times!
Just thank you for everything!

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to write more posts during this year due to my studies.
But don't you worry: I won't give up my baby ;)
Maybe it will take some time, but I've already accumulated a great amount of artworks which I want to show you as well as new ideas to be realized ;).

Stay tuned! ;)

Since I haven't posted so much lately, I want to show you a quick sneak-a-peak of some of my private as well as university related projects which I am currently working on:

Animation Movie (for university) 
- theme: unbelievable -
status: refining the storyboard and starting some drawing/animation tests

Font design (for university)
- theme: fantasy -
status: typeset test finished; sketching out final structures for further edit


Other current projects: 
Book: memory-objects - status: research
Illustration: about sense of time - status: painting


  • This year, I have written 9 blog posts so far
  • 168,000 people visited my blog
  • My top search keyword was "Gronkh" with 1187 entries
  • Funny search keywords were "gibt es Slenderman wirklich", "drawing of creepy butterflies" and "google am i weird"
  • My fanpage on Facebook received more than 1400 Likes
  • 211 blog post follower
  • Site views by country (Top 3): Germany (ca. 87000 visitors); USA (ca. 21000 visitors); Russland (ca. 16000 visitors)

    Please feel welcome to respond ;)

    Last, but not least:  
    Which blog post and which artwork has been your favorite? 
    Do you have any suggestions for improvements? :)

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