New year - new language... and sketches :D

A little bit late, however,... HAPPY NEW YEAR!! :D

As you can see I'm now writing in English. =)

I decided to do this, because I got a lot of readers who don't speak German, unfortunately. (And of course I would like to improve my English :D)

And for the Germans among you, I hope you still understand me ~.

Anyway, these are the new pictures:

First, a photo manipulation. Something of that kind I've tried before, but my skills were in those days, as regards "Photoshop", by far not so good.
Therefore, I wanted to check with that
how much I improved myself.
I hope u like it =)

And a sketch:

So that's it! Have a nice weekend!
Cya =)


  1. Sandra, what are you doing xD what the fuck, now i don't understand you ;D
    no this was a joke xD
    i love the pic with you as navi ^^

  2. lol in den Kommentaren kannst du ruhig in Deutsch schreiben XDD
    lol but THANK YOU VERY MUCH :D


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