Sketches - Exercises & Portraits

Here are some new sketches I drew in the last weeks. Since I have my new Moleskine-Sketchbook, I draw more often. I really love it *__*

On the right site you can see one of my best friends - Cindy. (> This is her own blog <) I did this piece in an art lesson :) (Chester Bennington also took his place on the left XD)

Drawn from photos.

Drawn from my mind.

So only 2 weeks until the holidays. School makes me stressed out... >.<

Have a nice weekend!

Cya :)


  1. *__* Vielen Dank Maus :*
    ich fühle mich geehrt ^^
    ohne dich wäre profil auch langweilig :]

  2. Kein Problem, habs dir ja versprochen ;)
    lol, ja Profil ist schon sehr "speziell" XD


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