Lucifers Angel ~

The school is really stressful right now... Because of that I can't paint so often.
Well.. despite this, at least one picture arised. ^^"

The title "Lucifers Angel" is named after the homonymous song from The Rasmus.
I needed about 10 hours to draw this X..x, but it made a lot of fun, especially to paint the clouds ^~^

Here are two different versions. Pls click for the full view!

Here is the WIP (Work in progress:

Last, a sketch from my Moleskine sketchbook ^^:

SWUUUUUSH.. :'D That's it!



  1. Superschön geworden!! Hab auch dein WIP geguckt auf Youtube - toll. Und das parallel zum superstressigen Gym. Aber Ablenkung braucht man ja auch.

  2. Vielen Dank! ^^
    Ja ohne wenigstens etwas zu Zeichnen wäre ich gar nicht lebensfähig XDD


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