So far - so bad

Finally, I finished part two of my project for the art lesson.I think I really have to practise this "painting with brush" XD. (I'm always so shaky o..o)

As I already said, the picture was painted with brush and also with colored pencils. It took about 6 hours or something like that.
Well, for my very low skills in this area... it's quite good XD.

And here's a sketch out of my Moleskine :)

If you wonder, why I always write these strange texts: they are often just titles or parts of songs I just heard while I drew ;)
Here I was listening to Linkin Park (suprise! XD) - "Burning in the skies" and "The Catalyst".
I always wanted to draw something like that ^^.
Everything was drawn from my mind - without references.


So many stupid noobs and hackers on the server today! -....-
And the most outrageous thing: they called ME hacker!!! Can you believe that?? omg XD
Well, I know ... that might doesn't interest you XDD
But I just had to say this - IT SUCKS!! -.-

What else?
Finally, weekend... school was very demanding this week  >.>
Hm.. now I have more time to draw (and to kick this hacker-asses XD)

Muhahaha (evil laugh XD) - Bye, bye :)


  1. Hey, really great side and absolutely great drawings if you wants you can look also sometimes my pictures (
    Am impressed really
    with friendly ones Rinii greet

  2. Ich hab dir auf deinem Blog geantwortet ;)
    Und vielen Dank :)


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