Course sketches & WIP

This time, I want to show you some drawings/sketches from the course "Sommerakademie Chemnitz", in which I participated.

Excuse me for the bad quality, but I had to photograph it because of its big size (all drawings were drawn on DIN A3 and DIN A2!)

All in all, I highly recommend such courses. You can learn sooo damn much - it's fantastic, really!

Furthermore, here are some other sketches from the last weeks:

Yeah! All three sketches drawn in my new sketchbook (Size: DIN A4) :D
(Below you can see it on my more than disordered desk lol)

Just to let you know..I'm currently working on a Transformers fanart. I recently drew the lines and I already painted a small part.
It is going to become a really awesome and BIG picture, because I used DIN A2 paper (Yeah! I'm painting traditional again! :'D).
I guess, it will take more than 2-3 weeks from now to finish it XD....

I don't want to bore you with more words.. here are some photos from my Transformers project :)

Ciao :D


  1. Knochen = D Yay xD Ich mag solche Motive i.wie °°
    Also Brandkleider zu shoppen macht süchtig xD Wirklich o_o Auch wenn es sehr viel Geld kostet u_u;
    Dunkle Farben sind mal ne Abwechslung^^ I-wann wird dann wieder was helles kommen^^ Mal schauen.

  2. alles zammt 4\/\/350/\/\3

  3. Oh nooooo, my eyes hurt - it's that little punk Shia LaBeouf again - man the harpoons aaaargh!!! And the walking disaster with breasts called Megan Fox - nuke them I say - from orbit to be more precise muahahahahahahahaha

    Your Sincerely

    An angry Michael Bay fan :)

  4. Apart from the silly comments on my behalf, I must say that your attention to the details is brilliant - the skull art work is perfect, it only needs a hood and that will be me - The Grim Reaper :)

    Keep up the good work dear Sandra :)

    Your friend



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