Real or fiction?

Tired. Exhausted. Stressed out. But there is always time for art ;D

I've drawn this piece for the art lesson of my school. I hope it's abstract enough, well.. I don't like this stuff anyway X( The WIP:

And you know what? My wonderful cousine just celebrated her birthday and I've drawn a portrait for her as present :).

Additionally, here is a video clip about the drawing process:

Yeah, I'm playing Final Fantasy XII right now and I'm really going to become addicted to this damn beautiful game :3.

I won't be able to draw so much in the near future, so please be patient with me ;)

Cya :)


  1. I really like the skull design you drew :) and you did a good job on the portrait you made for your cousin :3 Keep up the good work, friend ^_^

  2. Ah *_* Ich mag das erste Bild total *_*

  3. @Gwendolene: Thank you very much <3

    @Kajimi: Vielen Dank :)

  4. OMG, I'd love to have the abstract skull painting, too!! But actually I'm too busy with being HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY about my portrait present from you. It is really adorable and fantastic - I'm loving it (hope that I dont have to pay a copyright penalty for this to McDoof ^^)!
    Thanks so much, my dear.

  5. What a great sketch of the leading man! Much love for Balthier. <3


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