The Summoning of Bahamut

The painting is showing Yuna (Final Fantasy X) summoning the Bestia Bahamut, who was always, besides Diabolos and Shiva, my favorite Bestia/Guardian Force, so it was about time to draw him.

For four days I sat by and it was sometimes pretty exhausting, but in the end I'm very glad that I finally finished it. I guess, this painting is my best one so far. :)

Additionally, I created a whole tutorial about this painting and how I draw digital, because some of you already asked for it.

Excuse me, but it's currently only German!



  1. Awesome I was actually looking for tips on how to paint digitally :O And this is beautiful!

    I don't speak German [resists urge to quote Gaga song and say 'but I can if you like'] but between lingual reverse engineering and pictures...I sense a wealth of information. Yay! :D

  2. Ich hab grad so geschaut ob es was neues aus deiner Meisterwerkstatt gibt und :
    DAS IST JA DER HAMMER !!!!!!!!!!!!
    ich kann nur sagen das das einfach mal bomben mässig aussieht und ich weiß gar nicht mehr was ich sagen soll *___*

    dein freund muss ja ne ganz große nummer sein wenn du dem so etwas widmest :D

    perfekt gemacht sag ich da nur :D

  3. @Anamae: Thank you soo much! :) Well, I'm really sorry, but when I have enough time again, I will probably make an English version of it as well :).

    @m4x: :DDD Du bist echt ein Idiot.. von sich in der dritten Person sprechen.. also wirklich, das hast du nun weiß Gott nicht nötig ;D XD... Trotzdem vielen Dank, UNBEKANNTER :'D.

  4. Ein schönes Tutorial, Sandra. Sehr ausführlich.:)

  5. Nice one again, but may I suggest a non-digital version of this picture - and I prefer Aenima over Bahamut anytime for her Overdrive is something really awesome to watch. But anyway - keep up the good work!



  6. @Aikyra: Vielen Dank :)

    @Kiril: That would be terribly much work! X..x Maybe I'm going to redraw this in the traditional way, when I finished my To-do-list, which is - without exaggerating - extremly long >.<.
    Anyway, thank you very much for your suggestion :)
    Oh, Anime is just awesome as well :D Actually, all the summonings have a beautiful design :)
    Thanks, I will ;D
    Greetings, Sandra


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