Exercises #2

The second Pokemon of my Pokedex-Project - Corsola #222 :).

At least, some sketches:

Figure drawing of one of my friends. Her blog <<

I love Naruto <3. 
This Anime-Manga always motivates me to move on and it erases the feeling of inferiority.
I now believe that I am able to manage everything, if I keep working hard. :)

"I never give up... I never go back on my word... thats my nindo - my ninja way!"

My biggest dream is to become a well-known, successful Mangaka and Grafic Designer!

And I will fight for this dream of mine!
No matter, which difficulty appears - I will get through it.

One day, my dream will come true.



  1. also ich muss sagen das is der Knaller !!
    irgendwie wirkt die Ambiente übelst geil mit dem corasonne :D
    erinnert mich irgendwie an was ganz großes aber was ?!?!

    Fakt ist :
    wirkt mal hammer mässig hab ich aber auch nicht anders erwartet :D


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