Portrait Challenge

I tried this challenge before, but I wasn't that successful, so I thought: why do you not try it again? 

 Note: I won't upload every portrait singly (I already drew 3 ones, but I'm not really satisfied with the second one, so I don't post it yet). But, if I succeed in this challenge (hopefully), I will upload a picture including every portrait I created - a collage of a sort. ;)

Enough with the jaw, let's start :D.

The following portrait was actually the first one (above is the third):

It doesn't precisely look like me, but I am still quite happy about how it turned out. :)

However, the main thing is that I practise a lot and learn something about the light and shadow ratio in the face and how the human head itself is constructed. 

 Furthermore, to draw a portrait with the aid of a plain mirror or in general from real life is pretty much the most difficult thing which you can think about when drawing.
So, reproducing my face is just a minor matter ;).

That's it for now with the challenge ~

Some more doodlings:

 Quote of the post:

 The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, 
but their inward significance.



  1. Super schön! Leider liegt mir das digitale einfach gar nicht, ich bekomme das nie so hin.

  2. wow, deine Bilder sind wirklich wahnsinnig gut! Respekt :)


  3. wow du kannst toll zeichnen. dein blog ist wirklich schön.
    ich mache im moment eine blogvorstellungs-aktion. vielleicht hast du ja lust mitzumachen. ich denke du hättest gute chancen. 5-10 blogs werden ausgewählt.


  4. das erste bild ist einfach nur genial gezeichnet♥ Riiiichtig schön!:)
    Lust mir zu folgen?: http://sweet-kisses-lie.blogspot.de



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