Giveaway and Moleskine

As promised, here is the Giveaway for 200 likes on my Facebook Fan Page :3

You guys are awesome, seriously! Thank you soo much for your great support <3 



I also finally finished my first Moleskine sketchbook! :D (full-view please!!)

There are some pages missing on the collage and I blurred some parts, since those pages contain some personal thoughts and names/quotes/drawings of friends (it's a kind of diary to me).

I'm really sorry for all the crap here and there, but I promise: I'll try to make my second sketchbook much better than this one! 

Some sketches out of it, which I have drawn recently:

 Our beloved Akatsuki members Pein/Pain/Nagato, Deidara, Konan, Itachi, Hidan, Tobi/Madara, Sasori, Kakuzu, Zetsu and Kisame :)

I love Naruto (Shippuuden) so much! I can't explain how inspiring and motivating it is to me, but one thing is for sure: it became an important part of my life :3

Inspired by the homonymous song by my favorite band Linkin Band <3.

 Quote of the post:

I prefer drawing to talking. Drawing is faster, and leaves less room for lies.
Le Corbusier


  1. Hey Sandra :)
    Erstmal danke für deinen Kommentar :) Das Bild mit dem Lied von Linkin Park ist super (die anderen natürlich auch^^), ich hab schon öfters versucht irgendwas neben ein Bild zu schreiben, aber danach konnte ich die Bilder immer wegschmeißen - wollte irgendwie nicht klappen... es sieht auf alle Fälle total cool aus vor allem das du "I've become so NUMB" hervorgehoben hast.

    Bist du eigtnlich in einem Kunstkurs oder was Ähnlichem? Oder alles selbst beigebracht? :)
    lg :*

  2. Oh man, ich liebe solche Einblicke in Skizzenbücher. Werde mir jetzt alle nochmal genau anschauen ;)


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