DIGITAL ART - Ekans - Pokedex Project #023

Category: Digital Art - Fan Art - Painting
Time: ca. 6.5 hours
Drawing Tools:Photoshop CS5 | Wacom Intuos 4L

The 18th Pokemon - Ekans / Rettan (#023) - for my Pokedex Project. :)

I am one of the rather few girls who actually like snakes :'D. Therefore, it was a great pleasure to paint Ekans (and I also always wanted to learn drawing snakes, so I killed two birds with one stone ;)).

Firstly, some studies as always:

The picture itself was also created for a Pokemon fan art competition. I managed to finish it in the very nick of time (meaning the deadline was set for 7th October 11.59 pm and I submited it at 11.58 pm :'D).

That's also why the whole painting isn't that much polished - I simply couldn't and also didn't want to continue after midnight x.x

And here you can see the coloration process:

The picture is part of my Pokedex Project and Level Up Challenge.


  1. Wunderschön wie immer! Ich bin jedesmal sehr beeindruckt von deinen Bildern!!!! Ganz toll!
    Liebe Grüße aus Brandenburg
    Jana und Aimee von Jaimees Welt


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