DIGITAL ART - Swinub - Pokedex Project #220

Category: Digital Art - Fan Art - Painting
Time: ca. 3 hours
Drawing Tools:Photoshop CS5 | Wacom Intuos 4L

The 17th Pokemon - Swinub / Quiekel (#220) - for my Pokedex Project. :)

Although Swinub is actually one of my least favorite Pokemon, I knew I had to draw him eventually. So, instead of avoiding it 'till the end, I chose to do it at the beginning.
However, I must say that despite my initial doubts, it made a lot of fun - especially painting the forground with the gras and all its little details :D. 

Firstly, I did some shoat studies since Swinubs' design originated from it.
And here you can see the coloration process:

The picture is part of my Pokedex Project and Level Up Challenge.


  1. Wow, du kannst richtig gut zeichnen. Ich follower dich gleich mal :-)


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