SPECIAL - 4th Blog Birthday

Another year has passed, another great one awaits.

Exactly 4 years ago, I decided to start this blog of mine. Although it underwent several modifications, it has gradually become my personal, artistic and well-loved diary.

In the picture above, you can therefore see some of the artworks I have created during this year.

All of this, however, would not have functioned if it wasn't for you, my dear readers.
Thank you for all your great support and feedback! Thank you for motivating and inspiring me all the while! Thank you for staying patient in difficult times!
Just thank you for everything!

 Of course, you also deserve a thank-you gift for all this great support. ;)

This time, I decided to choose a different prize - a Slender Steam key  (since I know that some of you really like video games) and Halloween is not that long ago, too ;)

Everything you need to know to participate can be read in the picture above.


Deadline: 30th November 2014

Good luck! ;)


  • This year, I have written 31 blog posts so far - last year: 44
  • 130,000 people visited my blog - last year: about 90,300
  • My top search keyword was "Gronkh" with 1187 entries - last year: also "Gronkh" with 1180 entries
  • My fanpage on Facebook received more than 1550 Likes - last year: 1380 Likes
  • 211 blog post follower - last year: 170 follower
  • Site views by country (Top 3): Germany (ca. 77268 visitors); USA (ca. 17075 visitors); Russland (ca. 5503 visitors) - last year: Germany (ca. 54194 visitors); USA (ca. 10874 visitors); UK (ca. 2622 visitors) 

    Hopefully, I'll be able to write this post in the coming years as well :)

    Last, but not least:  
    Which blog post and which artwork has been your favorite? 
    Do you have any suggestions for improvements? :)


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