DIGITAL ART - Linocut Monster

Category:Traditional Art - Original Art - Drawing | Linocut
Time:ca. 6 days with printing
Tools:Adobe Photoshop CS5, linocut knives, linoleum

This linocut image was exclusively designed for my studies.

The task was to illustrate a part of a fictional 3-levels-story which we wrote in 3 groups. Later, when we are all finished, we will design and bind books consisting of these linocut-picture stories.

I contributed to the story which was written from the view of a psychopath who isn't able to distinguish between reality and fiction and tries to save a friend who gets seemingly attacked by a lake-monster. The key element, where all 3 stories collide, is the murder of this person. Three different people (the psychopath is one of them) get blamed for this crime - that's where they have to come up with an alibi and retell the night leading to this unfortunate event .. just to give you a short summary.

My part in particular, was the climax scene with the attack of the lake monster. Therefore, I drew several rough scribbles before I came up with this final sketch:

In order to create a special "not-so-common" illustration book, we had to transfer our drawings onto linoleum and go through the whole linocut procedure which you can see here:

I changed my format through the process since 
we just then decided the format for the final book.

Another alignment was to only use 2 colors for printing: black and a special violet (the white is just the unprinted area). That's why we had to prepare two linoleum plates - a pretty elaborate affair.

It's pretty nice to work traditionally from time to time, but it's really not that efficient, since I was actually already finished with my digital sketch - one more click: printed and finito!


  1. Holy Shit, I couldn't do that. Especially monsters are my weakspot.
    Your art is great, I will stalk you now =D

    1. Thank you very much, Eriin <3 :))) Hahaha :D


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