DESIGN - Silk screen printing - Öl

Category:Traditional Art - Original Art - Design
Time:ca. 1 day with printing
Tools:Adobe Illustrator CS6, silk screen ink

What am I doing in my free time from university? Participating in  additional university courses haha. This was a simple design I created for a silkscreen printing course.

You might wonder what this is all about. Well, to make it short: in lack of a proper design and time to create one, I simply illustrated an insider joke I had with a friend.
Some time ago, I got a new smart phone - my first, to be precise - and the autocorrect function kept me becoming frustrated: every time I wrote "ok" it turned it into "oil" without me noticing. Just when my friend asked what I meant did I see it. This occurred several times until it became a running gag. Today, I can proudly confirm that this didn't happen lately and for sure won't happen any time soon again haha.


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