DIGITAL ART – Gardenscapes Fan Art

A drawing of Austin I did for the Gardenscapes fan art competition.
(For those who don't know: Gardenscapes is a free match-3 mobile game
including a garden construction)

In this alternate reality Austin owns a cat instead of a dog.
(It's not that I don't like the dog. He's actually quite cute, but I'm just more a cat person ;D).

Here is the sketch and a WIP picture showing the coloring process.
I actually made a time lapse video of this painting as well,
but I'll be giving the link exclusively to Comic Con Germany
customers in Stuttgart next week.
So come by and fetch your code! :)

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  1. Got a question: Did you take part at a comeptition from Gardenscapes?
    Somebody stole your drawing and said that he draws it...!&p=1129035&posted=1#post1129035

    1. Thank you for telling me about this Dorina :). Gonna check that out, because I haven't so far.


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