DIGITAL ART - Cat Woman (Risograph)

No. 78  of 1000 Character Portraits :)

One might come to the conclusion that pink is my favorite color since I am using it so much this year, but it's just a coincidence (Actually, it's rather violet and black. Ok, that's not so far from that either... still, not pink! :D)

Anyway, this is a drawing I did for an university assignment where the colors were predefined in order to print risograph editions.
We could choose between 3 topics which were actually rather political, but we were also free to interpret them in our own way. So instead of illustrating "pussy" (as in Trumps statement), well you can see on your own ;).

As you can see, I spend a lot of time experimenting with different color version. I ended up with number 2 and 6 being my favorites though.

Which is your favorite? :)

Click here, if you want to get one of the riso prints (limited to 10) of this drawing.

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